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In his over 10 years of releasing records, the music of Will Samson has always been underpinned with ambient characteristics and qualities. Though often led by his tender voice, Samson’s work is deeply textural, always offering as much space for instrumental excursions as the lyrical narratives he layers above them. Until now, Will has considered his solely-ambient work more as side-projects, contemplative digressions from his more defined musical path. Having previously released an EP via 12k back in 2016, Samson returns to Taylor Deupree’s experimental label to fully embrace the genre with the release of

Harp Swells – his first full-length ambient album.

'...pieces filled with wide-eyed wonder...there's a brightness here that is extremely appealing - Electronic Sound Magazine

'’s hard not to imagine the ebb and flow of a gentle sun-kissed current meandering through your speakers whilst listening to ‘Harp Swells’. Ultimately, Samson has made a beautiful album that adds another layer to an already interesting artist' - CLASH

Will Samson_Harp Swells 1 (by Vera Marmelo).JPG
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